UGREEN HDMI Signal Amplifier

Item No: 40265
৳ 1,550.00

Long Distance Singal Extending up to 150ft: this HDMI repeater can extend HDMI signal up to 150ft/50 meters by using 24AWG shieled-twisted pair HDMI cable;
Enjoy a Home Theatre: HDMI extender supports hight resolution up to 1080P
Plug and Play: our HDMI booster doesnt require any programs or drivers, easy to use;
Stable Zinc Alloy Material: this HDMI to HDMI connector is made in Zinc Alloy material which can withstand 3000 times dropping or trample on
Oxygen Free Copper and Gold Plated USB Interface: reduce the loose of sinal and guarantee high-fidelity singal trasmission

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